Thursday, October 20, 2005

Adama for President

The Middle East is in chaos. Insurgents and terrorism stalk doe-eyed Americans in the shadows. Your friend could be a terrorist! The country's finances are in ruins. Your country is starting to feel like a lonely little fleet surrounded by fierce robotic flying-thingamajigs with nukes who want to make you feel really, really bad.

Who will you turn to?

Two words: Commander Adama.

By God, if he can fend of armies of Cylons, root out sleeper bio-mechanical killers that look like his crewmen, and know when to pull the plug on democracy, that makes him at least as good as President Bush anyday, and he's got a friggin' Battlestar to back it up.

"Mission Accomplished?" Frack that. When you got suicide bombers blowing up your deck plates in a fight for the fuel supply, you don't want an AWOL National Guardsman in a dorky flight suit. You want a gritty, tough-as-nails order to take that damn asteriod pronto so you can get your fuel and the guts to send Junior into the fire to lead the charge. That's leadership.

Adama for President. He's gonna find Earth. Get behind it.


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