Friday, March 03, 2006

Spin Doesn't Feed People

I am so tired of hearing about how great the economy is doing from this Administration.

To illustrate why, this is from the 18to35 blog:

Where's all the wealth?...according to the Federal Reserve, not in Americans' pockets. Real wages fell 6.5% between 2001 and 2004, overall income including investments rose less than 2% and, most notably, net worth fell for the bottom 40% of Americans.

Mortgage debt, credit card debt and wages that don't keep up with inflation are the main culprits. Not even the 28% rise in the worth of homes could balance most Americans' check books.

Read the full report for the reality that too many younger Americans experience.
Let's not talk about "how good business is." Let's forget for a moment about Wall Street. Can we please, please start using better indicators for how well everyone is doing, like the hunger rate? How would that be? Good with you? Because it's going up.

The poor are getting poorer. Read that again. The poor are getting poorer.


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