Friday, April 21, 2006

Bush is Failing Us, Part 7468: Diplomacy and Iran

President Bush and his administration have not only failed to engage Iran for a diplomatic solution to the current crisis, they've rebuked the messengers of previous overtures from Iran for constructive diplomacy for years since the Iraq invasion.

Currently, the U.S. is sitting on the sideline, pressuring other people to pressure Iran to give up its nuclear program instead of engaging them ourselves. This is a thinly veiled strategy, a bone thrown to our allies who said "diplomacy, inspections" before Iraq. The plan is obvious: let them satisfy their urge for, you know, rational thought and boring diplomacy, while doing nothing to assist. When they fail to mediate a dispute that is primarily between us and Iran without our engagement, we can lean back, say "see I told you," and press The Button.

By the way, some West Point grads are being told to be ready for Iran deployment in 2007.


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