Thursday, August 03, 2006

O'Reilly: "Fight the Machines"

Bill, we're glad to have you with us fighting the Cylon takeover:
Now if a president wants the folks to support him, he must be a teacher, a persuader. He must sell his policies to a public that's often confused. In other words, our leaders must fight the machines.
Yes! That's what we've been saying! These damn machines can even look like people now and--
That is a daunting task, but it is Leadership 101 in the Internet age.
Oh wait, you were referring to bloggers?

Damn. We're bloggers.

Wait....are you a Cylon?

Bill's latest screed on his "Talking Points" segment is hilarious. Gee, those darn bloggers are the reason we're losing in Iraq and the reason we're all turning against this charlie foxtrot (look it up people). If we would all just stop confusing people with this stupid reality-based text, they would just do whatever the GOP wants!

God! I HATE this stupid printing press. Now all these people are getting these BOOKS and I can't just TELL them what to THINK anymore.


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