Thursday, November 10, 2005

Corner Bakery: "....."

BREAKING NEWS: Corner Bakery replied to my request! Or did they?

Now, before I get to the excerpts of their response, I have to point out that the name of the establishment is Corner Bakery. The relevence of this will become apparent in a moment.

What started this all was this page:

Note it lists calorie information for everything but the guilty stuff. Sensing trouble, I emailed the aforementioned request.

I present to you now, for your consideration, the key paragraph from a very long-winded email (emphasis mine):

We are very pleased to tell you the nutritional information is available on our website. Please visit us at to obtain nutritional information for our menu items. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any nutritional information for our baked goods at this time.

I love it! The bakery can provide you the calories for everything but their baked goods. This calorie information for the brownie must be some ungodly, unholy number. What is it, 666 calories or something?

For your reference, a Corner Bakery brownie is not just a brownie, its half a brownie, but has chocolate chips, caramel, and is covered in powered sugar.

Okay, now this is officially a crusade. The American people deserve the truth!


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