Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Fun With Corner Bakery, Round Two

My email to Corner Bakery in response to their caloric stonewalling:

Thank you for your email. Your response is totally inadequate.

To quote: " We are very pleased to tell you the nutritional information is available on our website. Please visit us at http://www.cornerbakery.com/enews/ to obtain nutritional information for our menu items. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any nutritional information for our baked goods at this time."

This is the only informative paragraph sandwiched between two long paragraphs of legalese.

Now, everyone knows that your brownies are not something one should eat to lose weight. We eat them because we like them. But we also deserve to know just what kind of dent we're putting into our daily intake when we devour these things.

It's a fairly simple exercise: if you don't know how many calories are in each brownie, i'm sure the ingredients you use have the calorie information on them when YOU buy them. Just tally them up and divide by the number of brownies they make!

This isn't that big of a deal, but your strange obfuscation is making it a real customer service issue.

I ask again, how many calories are in your brownies?

Stay tuned...


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