Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Estate Taxes and Paris Hilton

Oh lord, I love the estate tax debate. Listening to Republicans call it the "DEATH TAX THAT WILL EAT YOUR BABIES" and such makes me laugh. Or it would if they hadn't convinced every single farmer in West Texas that he will, or he did, have to pay it. The GOP has turned it into an urban legend..."I knew this guy one time that got completely wiped out by the death tax."

Here's the funny thing, courtesy of Think Progress: You're four times more likely to be hit by lightning than you are to be hit by the estate tax.

And, the campaign to end the estate tax is bankrolled primarily by 18 super-rich families that will net $71.6 billion dollars from its repeal. For the record, they include Paris Hilton.

And it will cost the rest of us 3/4 of a trillion dollars. Again: they make $71.6 billion, while we pay $750 billion. Repealing the estate tax costs us more than ten times what it will make for these 18 uber-rich pansies, and the GOP Congress is going to do it anyway, because, well, Richie Rich is their cruel mistress.


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