Thursday, April 27, 2006

Energetic Hypocrisy

I love it. More on Bush's hypocrisy on energy from our friends at the DNC:
Cheney in 2001: Conservation Merely A "Personal Virtue"; Rejected Use Of Renewable Energy Sources. "Vice-president Dick Cheney dismissed on Monday night the idea of 'conserving or rationing' as 1970s-era solutions to the US's energy shortages. In a speech in Toronto, Mr Cheney said that 'conservation may be a sign of personal virtue, but it is not a sufficient basis for a sound, comprehensive energy policy.'... He rejected energy conservation and renewable energy sources as major alternatives...'" [The Guardian, 5/2/01]

Bush in 2005: Bush Called On Americans To Be "Better Conservers." "President Bush called on the Americans today to conserve gasoline and avoid non-essential driving as the average national prices for retail gasoline climbed higher for the first time since they peaked over the Labor Day weekend. ... 'We can all pitch in by being better conservers,' Mr. Bush said .... In addition to urging consumers to cut back to ease the pain of the current supply shortages, he said federal employees should use carpool and public transport and not take non-essential trips." [New York Times, 9/25/05]

Bush in 2006: We Should Support Alternative Fuels. In a speech to the Renewable Fuels Association, President Bush noted that, "it makes sense for this government to spend money on research and development to find alternative sources of energy. I also support biodiesel fuel, which can -- which can substitute for regular diesel in cars, trucks, buses and farm equipment. ... And so we also have got to understand that we got to research not only to find -- to invest in ethanol and biodiesel, but part of a comprehensive strategy is to spend money on researching new battery technologies." [President Bush, 4/25/06]


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