Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nice One, Pat

Wow. I'm used to lambasting Pat Robertson, but today he said something that restored a little bit of my faith in humanity: he declared himself a global warming convert and called for alternative energy. Watch this.

Nice one, Pat. Glad to have you with us. Now go tell all your friends.

O'Reilly: "Fight the Machines"

Bill, we're glad to have you with us fighting the Cylon takeover:
Now if a president wants the folks to support him, he must be a teacher, a persuader. He must sell his policies to a public that's often confused. In other words, our leaders must fight the machines.
Yes! That's what we've been saying! These damn machines can even look like people now and--
That is a daunting task, but it is Leadership 101 in the Internet age.
Oh wait, you were referring to bloggers?

Damn. We're bloggers.

Wait....are you a Cylon?

Bill's latest screed on his "Talking Points" segment is hilarious. Gee, those darn bloggers are the reason we're losing in Iraq and the reason we're all turning against this charlie foxtrot (look it up people). If we would all just stop confusing people with this stupid reality-based text, they would just do whatever the GOP wants!

God! I HATE this stupid printing press. Now all these people are getting these BOOKS and I can't just TELL them what to THINK anymore.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Get Your Palpatine On

WashPost reports today of a move by the Administration to drastically increase the use and scope of military courts in the wake of the Supreme Court's rejection of the military trial system as it exists today:
The plan...would also allow the secretary of defense to add crimes at will to those under the military court's jurisdiction.

Under the proposed procedures, defendants would lack rights to confront accusers, exclude hearsay accusations, or bar evidence obtained through rough or coercive interrogations. They would not be guaranteed a public or speedy trial and would lack the right to choose their military counsel, who in turn would not be guaranteed equal access to evidence held by prosecutors.

Detainees would also not be guaranteed the right to be present at their own trials, if their absence is deemed necessary to protect national security or individuals.

The military lawyers nonetheless supported extending the jurisdiction of the commissions to cover those accused of joining or associating with terrorist groups engaged in anti-U.S. hostilities, and of committing or aiding hostile acts by such groups, whether or not they are part of al-Qaeda...
AMERICAblog points out that if you take the words used by this Administration about reporters who are critical of the war effort, they fit exactly with the words of the new proposal as people who would be eligible for trial under these expanded Commie-characature courts.

Congress has got to change hands in 2006. It has to. It is the only way to put the brakes on this Administration. The Republic is dying folks, unless we do something about it.

One more time for the slow ones: We are losing the Republic.